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Swachh Cars uses solutions comprised of polymers and surfactants designed to protect your car by encapsulating surface dirt and grime. It is wiped away using plush microfiber towels. Because no water is needed in our waterless car wash services; no water is ever used, so there is no mess or toxic run-off.

Our method will NOT scratch your car. The innovative formula breaks down, lifts, and encapsulates dirt & grime from the surface of your vehicle. Swachh Cars always use hand-washing technique, using plush microfiber towels to wipe away the dirt and buff out the polymers, gives the surface a wax-like finish.

We only use premium grade exterior & interior cleaners, conditioners, and protectants that are earth-friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable, which means they’re safe for the driver, passengers, and the environment. “Waterless Washing” prevents hazardous chemicals from entering the ecosystem and wreaking on the environment.     

Our premium grade formulas are chemical-free. They have been derived from a variety of natural resources such as palm, coconut, corn and soybean. No silicone, ammonia, or petroleum will be found in any of our products.

Anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending upon the size of your vehicle, the service selection as well as the amount of dirt and debris.  The level of the exterior and interior, as well as additional requests will be factored into the time, product and price consideration. 

Our hand-washing technique is done with chemical-free solutions and meticulously by hand. Hand-washing is the only way dirt and grime can effectively be lifted off.  We work without pressure washers or harsh scrub brushes to remove dirt from the surface, therefore; the process to end result is not as fast.  We are not miracle workers by any means. Our services are hands-on, thus requiring physical effort to beautify your vehicle.   Swachh Car’s beautiful end-result is a far cry from that of conventional car washing. Seeing is believing!

Heavy debris accumulation from off-road activity, mud, clay, granules, heavy salt spray, heavy tar and tree sap are examples of things that cannot and should not be cleaned with any waterless wash method.  If in doubt, let common sense be your guide. 

Although counter-intuitive to the waterless wash process; heavily caked-on debris must be washed off of your vehicle prior to achieving the end-result of a waterless car wash.  Under certain circumstances, and whenever necessary in the care of your vehicle, we may start with  an eco-friendly method of conventional car washing as an essential prelude to Clean & Green Auto Care’s waterless car washing.   We are not miracle workers by any means, but our efforts are to beautify your vehicle.

Swachh Cars’s  waterless wash option & services are classified by vehicle size.  Our packages are scaled by service time and quantity of product used for each vehicle depending on it’s size classification.  Please Contact Us to help best determine if you are unsure about our size classification of your vehicle. 

Car washes use harsh chemicals that enter and contaminate our ecosystem.  Some reclaim or recycle their water, which can dull and contaminate your paint’s surface with impurities.  Over time, continued method will leave a buildup of impurities, dulling the shine of your vehicle.  Automated car wash tunnels use abrasive bushes, cloths and materials that can damage your paint.  Some touchless car washes use uncontrollably high-pressure that can strip the trim and molding off of your car, or drive the dirt into your car’s paint with the extreme high-pressure. 

We at Swachh Cars, are passionate about our work, and confident in the premium-grade solutions we use. We are savvy in the technique of the waterless car washing method.  Be aware that waterless hand-washing can scratch your paint job when poor technique is used. Improper formulation of product or choice of towels can leave a dull, streaky finish.  Swachh Cars prides itself in being the only self-contained, mobile car wash service in the area that provides eco-friendly, waterless car-washing with slick UV protection.  We pamper your paint job using plush microfiber towels, with human touch.  Swachh Cars is dedicated to working with you as a team in the care of your car for as long as you own it.

Swachh Cars is a locally owned & operated mobile business in Siliguri, West Bengal.  You book your appointment and we’ll come to you, wherever you are in the areas we serve.

Currently, Swachh Cars serves Siliguri, Bagdogra, and Salugara. Traveling to outlying areas will pose a traveling charge.

There is no extra charge for us to come to you in the areas we serve.

That will depend on any risk factors that could potentially damage yours or any adjacent vehicle, as well as how much room is available to work efficiently and safely within while parked in it’s current space. Your vehicle may need to be moved or re-positioned in effort to perform the scope of service to the best of Swachh Cars standard.

Yes, Swachh cars will visit you at your office or home, or anywhere else in the areas we serve.

Swachh Cars is self-contained, we only need one Power point to run our vacumm cleaner and sanitization Machine

Arrangements can be made beforehand if you are not going to be with your vehicle, however; the alarm must be disarmed for service.  We’re flexible and are committed to making it a hassle-free experience for you. 

You can book online or contact us directly at 9339176342. To book your appointment online, please go to the Services page, where all available services and details are listed. You will be prompted through the booking process.  Upon receiving your request for service(s) with desired location and appointment time, your request will be reviewed.  Upon acceptance, your schedule and service details will automatically populates into  our service appointment calendar. Payment will be processed upon completion of service.

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waterless car cleaning
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