Sanitization Service

If you search the best Home and workplace Sanitization Service, then you are in right place. In this pandemic situation, we extend our hand towards the society. We come with “SWACHH HOME” sanitization service to stand behind you. We do sanitize your home and workplace with our expert team with reasonable rate.

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Sanitization Service

As we know we can protect ourselves at this COVID-19 pandemic by regular sanitization of our home and workplace. As per WHO recommendation we should regular sanitize our hand, common touch area and workplace. Because we spend our most of time at those place. That is why we introduce sanitization service to stand behind you. Finally, we believe that if you protect ourselves we can protect the world.

When we should take sanitization service for home and workplace?

  • 1) When some one sick.
  • 2) When some one affected by Covid.
  • 3) When some one recover from Covid.
  • 4) When some of your neighbor infected by Covid.
  • 5) When your Office Colleague get infected by Covide to whom you spend your time.
  • 6) When you attain any mass gathering recently.
  • 7) When you have to give spacial care to covid patient. 
  • 8) When any old person live with you. 

Fogging Sanitizer

As we know corona virus now airborne. So we should sanitize our room air too. For that we did fogging sanitization by hydrogen per oxide based sanitization liquid.  However, we know fog can flow to every corner of your room. Moreover, it can be implemented on electronic gadget like Keyboard, computer, laptop etc where we did not spry liquid sanitizer.

Spraying Sanitizer

We use alcohol based spraying liquid to sanitize common touch area like basin tap, bathroom fittings, stair railing and all the door and window handles etc. Finally, we can say that our sanitizing work give you total protection from every corner.  

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    Sanitization Service