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Swachh Cars is fully owned subsidiary of Menage Services LLP. Swachh Cars, The number one band in field of  Waterless Car Washing Service is focused on saving hundred of litres of water, besides giving your car a newer and better look. It is highly effective than traditional car wash techniques. Here are some of the important benefits of Swachh Cars Waterless Car Washing Service.

Why we use waterless Car Wash ?

Sounding very interesting is in it ? Washing without water we can’t imagine, am i right? But it is very much possible with our little awareness. Washing or cleaning means, we have to remove dirt and traditionally we use water to dissolve the dirt and remove from the surface. So we use water as a solvent am i right? Now think other way if we use some other solvent instead of plain water then it will work or not? If it can then waterless car wash very much possible. See that video you will understand How we usually do wterless car wash at doorstep?

Now see some advantages of wterless car wash

1. Save Water

There should be no doubt in this fact that water is the most important element on earth. It is the reason after air why life persists on earth. There is nothing in this world without water. The waterless car wash doesn’t need a single drop of water, and hence save 100–150 litres of water in a single car wash. So it saves water for the environment.

2. Simplicity Level

The waterless car wash wash method is pretty straightforward. The products are just sprayed on the car. Then they are soaked for a few minutes and it is done. After it gets soaked, one just need to wipe it with a simple and clean cloth.

3. Environmental Friendly

In the traditional car washing methods, there is a use of harmful detergents, dirt, gas, lubricants, and other oils. After the wash, these harmful chemicals get mixed and go into the drains and ultimately into large water bodies such as lakes, streams, or rivers. This results in a high level of water pollution and degrading the environment to a great extent.

4. Saves Time

In the water car washing method, either you have to wait at the washing centre, or you left your car there and pick up it later after washing. However, in the waterless car wash, the car gets clean quickly and thus saves your precious time.

5. More Efficient

In the waterless car wash, your car gets cleaned in a better manner. It helps in getting rid of bugs, tree sap, road tar, scuff marks, to make your car look completely new.

6. Features 

We have well trained expert waterless car washing team. We provide

  • 100% Water-Less car washing 
  • Eco Friendly Car Wash
  • Contain Real Carnauba Wax
  • Protects from harmful UV rays
  • Anti static formula keeps dust way
  • Complete service at doorstep
  • Non abrasive chemical solutions used for cleaning.

We provide car rental service too

waterless car cleaning

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waterless car cleaning
waterless car cleaning
waterless car cleaning